Old Hollywood’s Response to Mommie Dearest:

“Joan was a fine mother to Tina, she spoiled her beyond belief, though. What Tina has done in return is disgusting.”

- Gloria Swanson

“Excuse me while I toss my lunch.”

- Barbara Stanwyck

“I was never close to Joan, but I found that sickening.”

- Katherine Hepburn

“It makes me want to cry.”

- Doris Day

“I can’t understand why Christina would do something like this, it’s terrible.”

- Ava Gardner

“That’s not the Joan I knew.”

- Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

“I knew both Tina and Joan pretty well. Every time I saw Tina, she seemed almost jealous of Joan; It’s like she wanted to be Joan. I swear, that Brat made me glad I didn’t have kids.”

- Myrna Loy

“Nobody Deserves a Death like that.”

- Marlene Dietrich

“Now I know why tigers eat their young.”

- Bob Hope

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Life Magazine / August 1939
Fuck Yeah Joan Crawford
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